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FACOTEC is a family company founded in 1981 in NICE by Christian FERRIER and now belonging to the family group TECHNOPOOL. First specialized in the design and manufacture of special machines especially in the food industry, FACOTEC has gradually specialized in the development and manufacture of espresso machines for pre-dosed coffee.

Composed of a 2D-3D design office, a manufacturing workshop and a production line, FACOTEC is constantly looking for solutions to meet the needs of the market and offer quality products

Key Dates

History of Facotec

We have expertise in the design, development and manufacture of brewing units for pre-dosed coffee and espresso machines for nearly 25 years.

Our specialty is the development of brewing unit for pre-dosed coffee with an ejection of the pod / capsule at the end of the cycle.

FACOTEC is equipped with a 2D / 3D design office that studies all technical solutions to meet the needs of the market.

We manage the mechanical and electronic development internally. An electronic research laboratory develops cards and programs adapted to the products.

We master research and development internally, this mastery allows us to be flexible and responsive.
All our products are developed and manufactured in our factory in France in the region of NICE.